Fundraising & Bulk Orders

Partner with us to make your local organization's fundraising both profitable and easy. A limited number of fundraising slots are available, and these quickly fill up during the holidays. Be sure to call and reserve your slot as early as possible!

Interested in cheesecakes as corporate gifts? Give us a call to discuss options!


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  • Fundraiser cheesecakes are 7", frozen, shrink-wrapped, and individually boxed.
  • We use the exact same recipes as our normal cheesecakes (ingredients are not replaced with inferior alternatives).
  • You can choose 3 flavors + the Classic (Plain) + the Box of Bites, for a total of 5 options.


  • Your customers can pick up their orders right here in our shop. No hauling cheesecakes around and delivering products.
  • We will create your groups' order forms with their options.
  • We will help you set the order due date and pick-up date.


  • Your organization will keep $5 per item sold.
  • You will collect $15 - $17 per cheesecake (depending on the variety) and $22 for a box of bites.
  • A 25-member organization can easily make $500 if each member sells only 4 cheesecakes!